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Pistola de estampación Sizzix - Herramientas para scrapbooking


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Want to add volume with your stamps? Use this embossing gun to attach our embossing powders!

The heat gun from Sizzix is a handy tool for melting embossing powders, shrinking plastic and allowing ink, paint or glue to dry quickly.

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- Size: 22 cm x 6 cm x 5 cm

- Color: White & grey

- Use: Stamp your design with a transparent ink (versamark type) at first, then put your powder on it. Remove the excess powder, and with the help of the embossing pisoler, you heat the pattern for a few seconds. With the heat, the powder will melt and swell to create a relief!

- Power: 150/300 W

- Voltage: 230 VAC

- Frequency: 50/60 Hz

An adapter for European plug is included.

Suitable for embossing, Powertex, heat shrink plastic, wood, textile, quick drying paint, glue and ink, use on paper, etc.

It is silent, goes up to 230°C.

Caution, it should be used under supervision by children!