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Scrapbooking box - 2021 Calendar

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11,66 €

Create, customized & hang your 2021 calendar with all necessary equipment provided in this box ! 

The pair of rings ois available in 2 colors. You can click on the drop-down menu below to select the color you want.

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Create, customized & hang your 2021 calendar with all necessary equipment provided in this box ! 

This box contains 2021 calendar, the 2020 Fall little printed papers pack, a big clear box, the wooden support and die "Calendar"

The wooden frame measures 19,7 cm by 14,3 cm, holders measure each one 4,5 cm par 1,5 cm and rings measure each one 3,1 cm.

Printed sheets of the Calendar measure each one 16 cm by 11 cm.

Once it's built, this support measures 21,2 cm by 4,5 cm.

To build this calendar support :

- Take holders and insert into the frame with the notch

- To hang your calendar, made 2 holes on every sheet. For every hole, drill 2.6 cm from the side and 1 cm from the top. 

or put in the big clear box and offer it with it's support!