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What's in a 4enscrap scrapbooking box?

Our scrapbooking boxes are designed to provide you with everything you need to succeed in your creative projects, even if you're a novice. Season after season, you'll find up-to-the-minute kits tailored to your ambitions: they include the essential materials for your projects, as well as templates. Of course, you can follow the suggestions or let your imagination run wild!

In our scrapbooking boxes, you'll find materials to personalize, such as a binder in which to assemble your memories, or a notebook in which to recount your travels. We add elements that allow you to customize them according to your desires and the theme of the box: plain or printed paper, dies, stamps, stickers, ornaments such as beads or ribbons.

At 4enSCRAP, our products are unique, imagined and designed by passionate scrappers. We know scrapbooking and we love it, which is why we can offer you the very best so that you, too, can love it! Each box contains exclusive 4enSCRAP products, for quality creations.

Why choose our scrapbooking boxes?

Scrapbooking boxes are ideal for beginners. All our kits include explanations on how to successfully complete the project, and you can also draw on our online resources. 4enSCRAP's creative teams are on YouTube and Instagram, providing tips and ideas. Each box is designed by enthusiasts who are committed to making scrapbooking affordable: it's possible to make beautiful creations, even when you're just starting out!

Give the gift of a scrapbooking box! With this gift, your loved ones can express their imagination or personalize their memories. It's a gift that stimulates the imagination, relaxes, and lets you create something lasting and precious. Scrapbooking is a very accessible hobby, and all the more so as our boxes contain everything you need and advice for a successful project. The program includes wedding albums, birthday books, baby books, Christmas cards and calendars. Scrapbooking can make every event, every beautiful moment, come to life!

4enSCRAP scrapbooking boxes to share your passion

Whether you haven't tried scrapbooking yet or you're already a fan, you'll soon want to share this creative hobby with others. Scrapbooking is contagious, and for the better! At 4enSCRAP, we're committed to providing you with all the materials and ideas you need to make scrapbooking accessible to as many people as possible.

Create with your own hands, and invite your friends and family to do the same, thanks to our scrapbooking boxes. They are put together with passion by scrapbooking fans, who imagine, design and invent exceptional creative projects for you.