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Transparent stamps

At 4inSCRAP, we know that our customers have imagination. That's why we've included large, even XXL, clear stamp sets! Create your own cards, pages and mini scrapbooks or personalize your gifts with our high quality A5, A6 or A7 sets (made of photopolymer). To protect these treasures, we have placed them in two plastic sheets and wrapped them in a plastic bag for security. Once received, unpack and create! For the first use, remember to rub your stamps with a white eraser or gently clean them to dislodge any manufacturing residue.

Want to make your life easier and stop cutting with scissors? Most of the time we offer dies that match the clear stamps!

To stamp, you need an acrylic block (which will be the support of your transparent stamp), ink, and a creation paper.

Unique scrapbooking stamps

Fall in love with our beautiful collection of scrapbooking stamps designed by passionate designers. Their practical knowledge of scrapbooking enables us to offer you high-quality products that will satisfy your scrapbooking needs.

To satisfy your overflowing imagination, we offer large-format transparent scrapbooking stamp sets. Choose from our A5, A6 and A7 formats to suit your creative whims. Create beautiful cards and albums.

Dive into our different worlds to select your favorite stamp: Daily, Gift, Seasons, Basics, Custom Stamps, English, Patterns, Numbers and Letters, Animals or Characters, Nature, Travel. Have fun stamping your favorite motifs over and over again.

Use scrapbooking to create personalized gifts and give pleasure to those you love. Our À Motifs section offers you the opportunity to find original stamps suitable for all kinds of events. Romantic and delicate, our floral designs will add a touch of refinement to any celebration card: party, wedding or christening. Our selection of Animals and Characters, meanwhile, is the perfect addition to a birthday card, and will delight the child who receives it.

Because scrapbooking should be an activity accessible to all, we've made it easy for you to get started by offering a die for each stamp. You can use them with the Big Shot machine and the 4enSCRAP mini embossing machine.

How do I use a scrapbooking stamp?

Scrapbooking stamps offer a wealth of artistic possibilities. Easy to use, they can be used by beginners and experienced scrapbookers alike. A few tips will help you get your project right the first time. Go to our YouTube channel and follow the step-by-step tutorials from our Créatives.

The first time you use your scrapbooking stamp, we recommend that you rub it with a white eraser or clean it. This removes any residue from the stamp manufacturing process. Then take your ink, acrylic backing and paper. You can use your stamp several times and stamp with a lighter color than that of the inker. If you're using a water-based ink like the ones we recommend, simply run the pad under lukewarm water to clean it. If you're using a quick-drying ink, it's possible to superimpose the colors. Stamp and you're done!

Scrapbooking is a creative activity to be shared, so don't hesitate to join us on our social networks -Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube- to showcase your creations. You'll also find plenty of inspiration and advice from our fans!

Why decorate your scrapbooking hobby with stamps?

Scrapbooking stamps are an essential part of any scrapper's toolbox. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to personalize your creations with ease. Whether you want to add letters, numbers or patterned stamps for decorative flair, the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to choosing the right type of scrapbooking stamp for your hobby project.

These stamps can also be personalized with names or initials, for a special touch that only you can own. With so many options available, you're sure to find a stamp that suits your needs and gives your work that extra level of detail that will set it apart from the rest. From intricate floral designs to simple lettering, there's no limit to what you can do!

Whether you're creating a traditional mini album or designing something more modern and unique, scrapbooking stamps are an easy way to add texture, color and personality to your work. Buy a few today and start creating memories that will last for years!

From classic patterned stamps to custom designs, scrapbooking supplies are a great way to create unique projects you can be proud of. Choose the right tool for your project and let your creativity take over! With so many options available, it's easy to find a stamp that will bring your vision to life. Happy designing and ... to your pencils!

Whether you opt for a classic or more modern look, stamps are a simple way to add personality to your project. Choose the ones that suit your needs, and be sure to check out all the available options! With so many possibilities, there's bound to be a stamp that will enhance your work! So get creative and let your imagination run wild - happy scrapbooking and good luck!

Make the most of your trip to create beautiful scrapbook pages. You'll have lots of fun and create something you can be proud of!