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4enSCRAP scrapbooking products & carts

4enSCRAP offers a selection of scrapbooking items. This creative hobby allows you to use paper, stamps, dies or cutting dies, and many other accessories for you to carry out many creative projects. Unleash your imagination to create your own birthday cards, custom albums and many other art projects. This creative activity originating in the United States is currently very trendy. His practice is within everyone’s reach, but it is important to be well equipped.

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    Scrapbooking is distinguished from other creative hobbies by its originality. Choose your theme, your colors and give free rein to your creation. 4enSCRAP facilitates your search material offering you various universes and collections of products. You prepare a map birth? A 100% personalized family photo album? You customize your bullet log? Discover our cutting dies, select your favorite custom stamp to sign your creation or fall for our selection of scrapbooking paper to stimulate your creativity and make your vision a reality.
    A stamp set is the most important material for scrapbooking. You can quickly reproduce the design of your choice. Cutting dies, on the other hand, allow you to cut out your favourite shapes perfectly. They are designed to be compatible with a standard cutting machine or the 4inSCRAP mini machine. You can easily obtain this type of accessory from 4enSCRAP. Our goal is to meet the needs of scrapbookers of all levels. To make scrapbooking, you can use various techniques, such as coloring, clustering (gathering embellishments), embossing, stenciling, etc.. Each method has its specificities, but all these techniques require adapted and quality equipment. We are here to help you. 4inSCRAP also offers all the necessary equipment for embossing enthusiasts, i.e. those who love to give relief to a design. Choose a cutting die that matches your favourite stamps and let your creativity guide you! You can easily create or complete a collection of scrapbooking accessories at 4inSCRAP. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

  • 4enSCRAP

    4enSCRAP, a brand founded in May 2012 by four scrapbooking enthusiasts in Dijon, offers all the material necessary for scrapbooking and creativity enthusiasts of all ages. The objective of this French brand is to make this type of hobby accessible to all, thanks to quality products. Our articles have been imagined by scrapbooking enthusiasts and are made from materials carefully selected for their quality.
    Our team is made up of scrapbooking fans and therefore understands the needs of people with the same passion. They combine professionalism and creativity to design innovative products. Our practical knowledge allows us to provide relevant offers that perfectly meet the expectations of scrapbooking enthusiasts. Why trust us ? In order to promote French know-how, we only offer high quality products designed in Dijon, capital of the Côte-d'Or, in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region. The majority of our products are manufactured in Europe, respecting strict requirements. 4enSCRAP is your reference for scrapbooking, in which you can have complete confidence. Always on the lookout for the latest trends in the field of scrapbooking, 4enSCRAP frequently offers new products for the pleasure of scrapbookers. Do not hesitate to come and meet us in our showroom in Dijon or contact us for any question, we will be able to answer it thanks to our experience. Our offers are proposed in France and are also available internationally.

  • Starting

    You have recently discovered the principles of scrapbooking and want to become a scrapbooker? 4enSCRAP, the scrapbooking specialist in Dijon, offers all the material for beginner and you accompanies with a tutorial to start in scrapbooking. All it takes to succeed is a good dose of creativity, scrapbooking paper, stamps, embellishments and others scrapbooking supplies.
    A cutter, a pair of scissors, glue and stamps are some of the most useful accessories to start practicing this activity. To help you quickly assess your needs for scrapbooking beginners, we offer scrapbooking kits. All the material you need to start! In 4inSCRAP's Scrapbooking for Beginners, we explain the basic principles of scrapbooking. We also present you with pictures of the essential information to give you scrapbooking ideas for beginners. You can also use stencils, as this type of accessory is particularly useful for reproducing letters or shapes.