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Create a customized box to offer for a birthday or for another celebration

How to make gift boxes with our dies?

Why should the wrapping of a gift be more boring than its contents? Give pleasure at first sight with personalized gift boxes. Whether angular or rounded, they have an undeniable charm and offer endless customization possibilities. With our gift box dies, show your loved ones that you've taken the time to design a present in their image. 

Discover our simple die for rectangular boxes: cut, fold and then let your inspiration run wild. The box can adopt a timeless or original look, depending on the paper used, and can then be enriched with ornaments and decorations. Our designer Fati, for example, has transformed this pretty model into a satchel, for gifts with a charming old-school look! Cathygel, for her part, has personalized it with a slightly vintage, warm tea-time theme.

4enSCRAP also offers more atypical shapes, such as the iconic American mailbox. It's a trendy way to deliver all your precious gifts: jewelry, sweets, Easter chocolates, love notes and more. Customize it to suit your mood and the occasion!

For the holidays, personalize your box 100% with delightful winter ornaments. Christmas is the perfect time to show your loved ones that you care: spending time creating beautiful gifts - and charming packaging - is a sign of affection.

Why use our gift box dies?

Dies are the essential tool for giving relief to your creations: cutting dies for gift boxes allow you to create adorable packaging for your presents. 4enSCRAP's creative teams have designed dies in a variety of original shapes, for containers as stylish as the precious objects they house!

With our gift box dies, you're sure to make a lasting impression and please your guests! You can use them in a wide variety of contexts. The boxes created with our dies are ideal for holding your sugared almonds at christenings, communions and weddings. They can also be used to place favors on plates for meals with friends or family dinners.

Gift box dies allow you to design boxes that are 100% in keeping with your party theme, thanks to infinite personalization possibilities. Choose your paper, ornaments or labels to match your project, and create an original ambience that reflects your image. Planning a travel-inspired birthday party? Why not customize your décor with our American letterbox dies? At Christmas, use dies for a unique Advent calendar! Simply cut out twenty-four gift boxes for a dreamy December.