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Enhance your memories with our travel stamps

Set sail for your Scrapbooking destination with 4enSCRAP! Whether you prefer the seaside, the mountains or a trip abroad, we've got the perfect stamp for you. Discover our range of travel-themed clear stamps. You'll be able to make charming personalized postcards for your loved ones, to share with them your best finds. Decorate them with exotic motifs: typical vacation objects, a vanor bicycle ready to take to the roads of Europe, iconic New York monuments or words evocative of other lands. Recreate the atmosphere of your holiday with scrapbooking.

4enSCRAP's travel stamps are essential for creating the authentic travel journal, a scrapbooking must-have. For centuries, adventurers have recorded the highlights and discoveries of their journeys in these pages. Now it's your turn to embark on this extraordinary journey through your memories. Stamps will add a touch of originality and dynamism to your words, alongside any collages, photos and drawings you may wish to insert. Prefer photo albums? Our travel stamps are the perfect way to personalize your compositions, to create truly nostalgic pictures. Your vacation hasn't started yet? Plan them in a playful way with our travel-themed scrapbooking stamps.

How to use our travel stamps

There's no shortage of ideas for giving free rein to your creative desires. Travel stamps are very easy to use, so that even novices can create beautiful designs. You'll need a quick-drying ink, ideal for applying the motif of your choice to your composition. 4enSCRAP offers a wide range of practical, eco-friendly inks, in dozens of stunning colors. These water-based inks are easy to wash, so you can restore the full transparency of your stamp after use: just rinse with lukewarm water. The pad manufacturing process can leave a few residues on the pad. That's why we recommend that you clean your tampon before using it for the first time, either with water or a white eraser.

4enSCRAP is constantly innovating to offer you top-quality products. For example, our stamps are made from new-formula photopolymer, a material that resists yellowing. So you can enjoy an even more pleasant, long-lasting scrapbooking experience. Combine our clear stamps with our travel-themed die-cuts: a change of scenery guaranteed! Need some advice on how to make beautiful notebooks, cards and albums, first time? Visit our social networks to discover our creative team's tutorials and many sources of inspiration.