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What is a letter stamp?

Stamps play a central role in scrapbooking, enabling you to create original, personalized and delicate projects. With a letter stamp, you can produce meticulous calligraphy on paper, ideal for creating titles and soft, tender words.

The transparent polymer letter stamp is undoubtedly the most popular model on the market for its practicality, quality and cost. They're also easier to store than bulkier wooden stamps.

We produce our polymer stamps in the UK and design them in-house. All the accessories we offer are designed by enthusiasts who are able to meet your technical and practical scrapbooking needs. To help you find what you're looking for, we offer a variety of models in the following ranges: For gifts, Everyday, Seasons, Personalized stamps, Basics, In English, Number/letter stamps, Patterned, Animals and characters, Nature and Travel. Our Infusion of Happiness letter stamps designed by Aurel and Sandelsa are perfect for customizing cards, notebooks and travel journals, adding a personal, original touch for a smooth, enjoyable read.

Each of our stamps comes with its own die, available in our online store. This allows you to create embossed combinations of similar motifs to create stunning depth effects.

How to use letter stamps

Polymer letter stamps are easy to use and can be picked up by beginners and experienced scrappy girl addicts alike.

Unlike the ready-to-use wooden stamp, the polymer letter stamp must be attached to an acrylic block. This block or cube, about 1 cm thick, comes in different sizes to match each stamp format. Choose your support according to the size of your letter stamp. If it matches your stamp size, the stamp will attach automatically. When you've finished using your stamp, detach it from its holder and clean it before putting it away.

If you're new to scrapbooking, check out our YouTube channel. There, you'll have access to educational and inspiring tutorials that will help you get started in scrapbooking with confidence. And if you're proud of your creations, don't hesitate to share them with our community of enthusiasts.