• 10,95 € 10,95 €

    A set of tampons on the theme of

    A set of tampons on the theme of space that will allow you to embellish your cards and creations. This set will allow you to stamp on the cutouts of the dies 279 "Ptit cosmonaute & Cie" and 280 "Fusée & Cie".

    10,95 €
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  • 10,95 € 10,95 €

    A set of stamps on the theme of

    A set of stamps on the theme of stars & constellations that will allow you to embellish your cards and creations. This set is matched to matrices 280 "Trio of constellations".

    10,95 €
    Availability: In stock
  • 15,95 € 15,95 €

    A mini set of stamps & dies on

    A mini set of stamps & dies on the theme of Gnomes.Creative ideas on our Pinterest board !

    15,95 €
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  • 18,95 € 18,95 €

    These dies will allow you to cut the

    These dies will allow you to cut the cosmonaut, the cable, the extraterrestrial and 2 helmets of the set 93 "To infinity and beyond" to embellish your cards and your creations.

    18,95 €
    Availability: In stock
  • 7,95 € 7,95 €

    These dies will allow you to cut a

    These dies will allow you to cut a crown of stars and stars of various sizes to embellish your scrapbooking cards & creations. The sets 94 "From the bottom of the heart", 93 "To infinity and beyond" & 92 "Stars in the eyes" can be used with these matrices.

    7,95 €
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  • 16,95 € 16,95 €

    16,95 €
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Welcome 4enScrap shop!

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Simply creatives as you originally ... we are four scrapbooking addicts who have pooled our ideas to imagine a brand that propose the products that we do not find ... Then Cathy jumped to water and created the brand #4enSCRAP to answer your needs in card making and scrapbooking.
Because our designers are immersed in the world of scrapbooking and card making for a long time, we know the essential and offer them to stage your desires from the wisest to the craziest.

Each year, we present four collections exclusively composed from stamp sets and assorted cutting dies.

And it is far from over ... at 4enscrap, we believe that accessories like custom stamps are important to sign your creations, so you will find them in "personalized stamps".

Take a seat, you still have several topics to be covered, of embossing plates to discover, creative papers to take you wherever your imagination wants ...

Find on our website the inspirations of the moment, our "scraps" created with our products! Yes, we use 4enscrap products for our own creations, simply because we have designed and know their quality. As scrapbooking passionated, we want the best and it is OK we have it. Our products are manufactured in Europe, USA ou Asia ...

And always live blog, the "Previews" show you exclusive creations with new products just before they are available on our shop.

Because we live in the digital world, find us on our YouTube and Pinterest chains and soak up our designs to rethink your way!

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