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To customize - Photo Display Board


4,16 €


8,33 €

Decorate your house with this photo display board ! Perfect to hang your cards or our envelops of the Advent Calendar ! 

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Set of square frame, 2 big and small holders, 12 clothespins and one string to hang your cards or our envelops of the Advent Calendar. 

The big square frame measures 30 cm by 30 cm, big holders measures each one 9,9 cm by 2 cm, small holders measures each one 4,5 cm by 1,5 cm and clothespins measures each one 2,1 cm by 0,7 cm.

Once it's built, the photo display board measures 32 cm by 9 cm. 

To build the photo display board :

1) Roll the string around the big square frame


- To place on the table : 

Take a big holder and insert into the frame with the notch. Add the small holder behind the big holder. Repeat the same process with the second big and small holders. 

- To hang on the wall : 

Hang it with a screw. 

3) Now, you can hang your envelops with clothespins... And wait until Christmas by discovering a gift every day ! :-)