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Stone wall - Scrapbooking embossing plate


4,16 €

For a "stone wall" effect on your scrapbooking creations & cards, use the embossing technique with our embossing plates (or embossing)!

This is a very easy scrapbooking technique to use, and it adds value to your creations right away!

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- Dimensions: 10.5 cm x 15 cm
- Collection : Winter 2020
- How to use : When using your cutting machine, remove the first base plate, then make your usual "sandwich" by inserting your paper inside the embossing folder and this one between your two transparent plates.
- To be used with : a cutting machine (Bigshot, Cuttlebug, mini embossing machine from 4enSCRAP...)
Note: our 4enSCRAP mini embossing machine is completely compatible, provided that the plate is cut to size.

Cold embossing is a basic technique to know in scrapbooking, if you are a beginner, discover a tutorial to discover the technique of embossing: