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Tool Scrapbooking Card making Plate Precision Stamping - Stamp + Easy


24,99 €

The Stamp Easy + tool will allow you to position your design precisely and quickly, and to easily create multi-layered designs. You will be able to easily create cards, labels, ... and this in the same way !

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The plate fits with all clear stamps and rubber stamps.
In addition, the precision press, although 17.7 cm wide, can accommodate larger paper (30 cm x 30 cm pages for example). You can simply stamp in the middle of the page.
The anti-slip surface of the press prevents your support from moving and the measurements (in inches and cm) allow for proper positioning.

Use :
Place your paper on the base and your stamp on the clear side, ink the stamp and place small rose magnets on the paper. It helps the paper do not move. Place the clear side on the base by helping with its magnets.  

Measures :
- Total dimensions : 23,4 cm x 20 cm
- Dimensions of the stamping surface : 22 cm x 16,6 cm