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XL calendar holder - A personalized Scrapbooking card

4,99 €

Hang your 2022 XL birthday calendar or 2022 XL calendar on this wooden stand in XL size!
The stand has two stable legs and a pair of rings. You can choose from two colors in the drop down menu below.

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Consisting of legs, a pair of rings and a wooden stand, this stand is perfect for hanging your 2022 calendar or XL birthday calendar!
The wooden frame measures 27 cm by 17 cm.
A foot is formed by assembling two wooden feet. The smaller one measures 4.5cm x 1.4cm and the larger one measures 8cm x 2cm.

To assemble your stand:

1) Assemble the legs

2) Fit the legs into the frame.

3) Slide the rings into the notches provided.

4) Make two holes on the leaves of your calendar to hang it. For each hole, drill 3.6 cm from the side and 1 cm from the top (center of the holes).

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