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Cutting die Clear Stamp Scrapbooking Card making Flower weaving macramé - DIY 2


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A set of clear stamp & die on the theme of macramé and roses that you can use with the set S193 "DIY" to create cards, pages & mini scrapbooking albums.

Creative ideas on our pinterest board "DIY 2" !

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Imagine cards, pages or mini albums with this stamps set, its matching die macramé and roses !
The macramé measures 8,1 cm by 4,1 cm. The biggest rose measures 3,5 cm by 1,8 cm and the smallest one measures 2 cm by 1,2 cm.
A new photopolymer buffer set (more resistant to yellowing) in A7 format with macramé and roses image.
Our stamps can be used with all inks but for an optimal lifetime, we recommend water-based inks like those offered in the shop.
This mini set is part of Fall 2019 Collection.