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 In this section, we will make a presentation of our products : where they come from, how they are packed and how to use them…
You will get to know everything about our creative accessories!

Our stamps

They are made with a new formula polymer, a composition that makes them more resistant to turning yellow. They are made in England exclusively for us.

Because we are so uncompromising with quality, we work with the number 1 European creative stamp maker and you will undoubtedly see it for yourself. From the first use, you will see the difference  with a common made in China stamp.

Our stamps are unmounted which means they are not on a  fixed base so you need to use an acrylic block as a base when using them.

Our stamps are not checked individually. May you find any default on them, please let us know with a photo so we can replace it for free.

Stamps packaging

Our stamp sets are protected by a transparent sheet. They are packed in plastic sleeves with a printed piece of paper. 


Simply take out the stamp from its protective transparent sheet and place it on an independent  acrylic block. Then, you only have to apply the ink onto your stamp.

When you receive our stamps, they are ready to use. We advise you to use water based ink pads (we have some in our shop) to optimize their lifetime even if you can also use other types of ink of course. 

Good to know : some chemical product leftovers might be encrusted on our stamps. No panic, we will help you get rid of them for a perfect use. Simply rub on with  rubber very gently and it will take off the possible leftovers. We always do it with our new stamps and recommend you to do so as well. 

Keep your stamps away from daylight.


After  using them for a while, your stamps might stick a little less on your acrylic blocks. Their sticking power might tire off but it is ok ! Just clean it up with lukewarm water and gentle soap. Leave it to dry and it is magic : your stamps stick again perfectly !

To see how to use our stamps, just click HERE ;)

Our dies

Country of origin : the USA.

Material : steel

Life guaranteed

Compatible with a majority of cutting machines

Exclusive manufactured for 4enscrap

 So what do you think of the pedigree ?

- About the Big Shot, here is how to make your « sandwich » :

1. base plate Plaque de base / 2. Transparent plate / 3. Die cut / 4. paper / 5. Transparent plate.

- With the cuttlebug :

 1. Plate A / 2. Plate C / 3. Die cut / 4. Paper / 5. Plate B

 Just so, you can cut out of fabric, cork, paper for cardmaking, transparent…

Take out the paper from your die cut. Easy as pie thanks to the little holes on them. If you still have any doubt on how to use them, just visit our « how to use our die cuts » section.

To see how to use our die cuts, click HERE :-)

Our embossing plates

Country of origin : the USA.

Material : steel

Life guaranteed

Compatible with a majority of cutting machines

Exclusive manufactured for 4enscrap

Required tool : silicone mat

With the Big Shot,here is the sandwich:

Base Plate without Tab2 + transparent plate + embossing plate + paper + silicone mat + transparent plate

With the cuttlebug here is the sandwich:

plate A+ plate B + embossing plate + paper + silicone mat + plate B

To see how to use our embossing plates, click HERE 

Terms of use of our products

The use of our products is for personal use. You can sell your creations realized with our products in every physical places (market…) and online without notifying us and without paying compensation. However, we ask you to mark next to the picture of the photo «handmade creation with 4enscrap products » 

If you want to sell our products, we ask you to ask for the special conditions at partenariat4enscrap@gmail.com

For more tips and ideas, check out the 4inScrap blog and our IG and FB channels!